Our actions and relationship with the community are guided by an internal sense of honesty and morality.

    Our conduct and demeanor display the highest standard of personal and organizational excellence.

    Our members recognize the differences as a strength in our organization and community.

    Our duty is to promote public trust by upholding our obligations to the department and community.

    Our responsibility is to be alert to issues and activities impacting our tribal communities.


The Criminal Investigations Unit, often referred to as "C.I.U." is staffed by Detectives with the experience and training to respond and actively investigate any crime against either persons or property. In addition to working closely with Uniform Patrol, Detectives conduct follow-up investigations,suppress criminal activities, and process crime scenes. Detectives will carry out their duties by interviewing victims, witnesses, and apprehending suspects. Detectives also investigate cases involving financial, technology based,and organized crime reported by individuals or businesses. C.I.U staff assists with Investigative Analysis to target emerging crime trends and prepare for a response.

Seminole Police Department investigators and officers also serve as Deputy Marshals and participate with federal authority on the F.B.I. Safe Trails Task Force targeting serious and violent Indian County criminal activity within the jurisdiction of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Additional C.I.U. personnel are tasked with the gathering and distribution of intelligence information and/or addressing any Homeland Security matters which have the potential to affect the Seminole Tribe and its enterprises.

Detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigations Unit are on-call and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are highly motivated and committed to improving the quality of life as well as overall public safety for the Seminole Tribe's community members, businesses, employees and guests of The Seminole Tribe of Florida.